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Welcome to Cottage Day Nursery
Welcome to Cottage Day Nursery

Keeping you informed...

We like to keep our parents and carers informed and up to date with all information. 


1. Parents' Notice Board

We have a prarents' notice board at the entrance of the nursery to display this week's menu and other important messages.


2. Day Books and Direct Talk

Each and every child in our nursery has his or her own day books, one for the nursery to fill in and the other for the parents to record information. Every day, the nursery teachers note down what happened to the child at the nursery on the book and exchange the information with the parents at the end of the day.


3. Newsletters

We send newsletters to parents every month. Please do read the newsletters as they normally contain very important notices such as inset days, Christmas parties and closures, etc.


4. Facebook

We share the progress of the children and our events and activities regularly through our secret Facebook group with currently registered parents. Please note that only those parents who have given permission and requested to be included will be added to the group. If you wish to join the group, please do send us a request through email with the email address you use for your Facebook account.


5. Settling in review and my plan meetings

Your child's key person will arrange such meetings with you in due time to discuss in detail how your child has been developing and plan for the next stage.


We also have an official Facebook page to liaise with friends of the nursery who follow and care about us. 


Please be advised to make telephone calls to 0208 291 7117 or send emails to or talk directly to the key person of your child if you wish to share information with us that is of private nature or specific to your child. Please do not use Facebook to send private messages.

We are here for you


The Cottage Day Nursery



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Tel:  +44 208 2917117




Opening hours:

7.30 am - 6.00 pm

Monday to Friday

Ready for enrolment?


Please fill in the registration form online. We will get in touch shortly.  Alternatively, please download the paper form below and hand in the filled form to the nursery.

Registration Form
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